COMMITTEES - 2016-2017

Committees and delegated powers - powers and terms of reference for each of the Hebden Royd Town Council committees.

Community Funding Committee

Cllr Christine Davenport   Cllr Pat Fraser
Cllr Luke Daber   Cllr Carol Stow
Cllr June Cammack   Cllr Sue Fenton

WW1 Commemorations

Cllr Christine Davenport   Cllr Karl Boggis
Cllr JonathanTimbers    

Environment & Allotments

Cllr Christine Davenport   Cllr Scott Trickett
Cllr Luke Daber   Cllr Sue Fenton
Cllr James Fearon   Cllr Dave Young

Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Karl Boggis  (Mytholmroyd & Cragg Vale Voting Member)   Cllr Timbers (Hebden Bridge Voting Member)
Cllr Pat Fraser   Cllr Tony Hodgins

Picture House Committee

Cllr Catherine Crosland   Cllr Pat Fraser
Cllr Karl Boggis   Cllr Carol Stow
Cllr James Fearon   Cllr Sarah Courtney

Staffing Committee

Cllr Christine Bampton Smith   Cllr Carol Stow
Cllr Karl Boggis   Cllr Scullion
Cllr Dixon   Cllr Young

Strategy & Review

Cllr Christine Bampton Smith   Vacant
Cllr Karl Boggis   Cllr Jane Scullion
Cllr Elizabeth King   Cllr Dave Young
Cllr Carol Stow   Cllr Dixon

Grievance Panel

Cllr Catherine Crosland   Cllr Sarah Courtney
Cllr Carol Stow    

Appeals Panel

Cllr June Cammack   Cllr Jonathan Timbers
Cllr Christine Davenport    


Photos from Hebden Royd

Handmade Parade

Apple Day